Home Sweet Home Canister

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The Thomas Kinkade Home Sweet Home Canister Collection is fashioned in the enduringly nostalgic shape of old-fashioned dairy milk cans. Each canister features the award-winning cottage artistry of Thomas Kinkade in vividly coloured wraparound artwork. The dramatic images on each canister require multiple firings to ensure it will remain beautiful for years to come.

Atop the lid of each canister is a hand-painted, sculptural cottage inspired by Thomas Kinkade's renowned artwork - the perfect complement to the radiant scene on the canister below. The lid also includes a snug silicone seal to ensure that whatever you put inside remains at its freshest. Includes 10 stickers listing common ingredients such as tea, sugar, flour and coffee, so you can customize your canisters the way you’d like!

Canisters measure from 10" to 11.75" H x 6" in diameter; 25.4 cm to 29.8 cm H x 15.2 cm in diameter.