Yiwu Jing Long - 2007

Yiwu Jing Long - 2007


Cup Characteristics:

From the famous Yiwu terroir (Yunnan), this young Pu-Erh is initially surprising for the amber tint of its liquor. On the palate, it unfolds slowly and offers vegetal (nettle), fruity and spicy (vanilla) nuances. Long and sweet, its camphor finish plunges us into the heart of a coniferous forest.

* The cakes purchased whole may have suffered a slight weight loss (up to 10%) due to the difference of climates (relative humidity).

Why should you be drinking Pu-Erh?

For centuries, fermented teas have been recommended by practitioners of Chinese Medicine to aid digestion, break down fat in the body, treat arteriosclerosis, and more.

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Pu-Erh tea.

*We're proud to say all our teas contain only natural ingredients!