Luxx Diffuser - Berried in The Pines


Berried in the Pines - The untamed spirit of this citrus berry is intricately woven together with the sharp crispness of a freshly chopped spruce tree. If the mountains are calling, answer the call with this candle. It has the ability to pack your bags and whisk you away to the middle of the mountains with out ever having to leave your surroundings. 

100ml of diffuser fragrance, includes 5 diffuser reeds. Place as many diffuser reeds in your jar as you'd like, the more reeds you use, the stronger the fragrance released. These are a beautiful way to slow release scents in your space. Every week take and 'flip' your diffuser reeds to re-release the scent. 

Made by Ebony & Ivory Candle Co. in Lethbridge, Alberta.